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Helping Today. Helping Tomorrow

Angelus, Reg. No. 66615/2009, a national social organisation under Union territory New Delhi to be internationalised soon. Angelus founded in 20th August 2009 under register of society NCT of New Delhi. Angelus is a nationalised Organisation with members from 7 different states and 2 union territories of India. The organisation started with a revolutionary health project named HELP+ and later expanded into education by providing scholarships and skill programs across various territories in India. Gradually angelus entered into animal husbandry and farming and since the working flawlessly for the society and the helping in bringing the change in the livelihoods of the poor.

The best way to not feel hopeless is to get up and do something

S.B Nayak

Help is Our Goal

What Make Us Different

We Educate

Angelus provide education and quality training to our children and youths from all social background.

We Help

Angelus helps the poor to get a livelihood by providing financial support along with 365 days to cover easy life.

We Build

Angelus making our nation a developed one in the world and ensuring all citizens get a healthy and standard life.

We Donate

Angelus helps the economically deprived by providing financial aid, food supplies as well as a medical help.


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People Were Helped

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Become the One Who is Considered a Hero

Volunteers are extremely valuable resources for an organization. Join us and let’s do the teamwork for the development of our nation.

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Meet Our Hero

Angelus India pays tribute to Dr. XYZ. He was truly our hero in the challenging tie for Angelus. The sacrifice he made for the good health and welfare of humanity is priceless and deserves lifelong gratitude on our end. In the starting days of Angelus in 2009, he worked for the poor and attended patients in the remote areas to provide medical facility. He taught us to live life selflessly in the service of others is noble. Moreover, the world needs such gem persons to work towards development of the society. Dr. XYZ’s contribution will always remain in the pages of history and will be remembered forever in the book of Angelus.