Ways to Partner


“Help +” is Angelus 1st social project launched in back 2009. This project started with an objective to serve the people who are alone struggling in this world for justice. Now Help + re-launched to provide a livelihood to the poor and financially backward people and families, 365 days cover easy life, low-cost health services at home, and legal support in deep core remote areas of India. Angelus invites Volunteers and Donors to come forward and join us to help and serve these people and donate for this noble cause. We want your support.

Become a fundraiser

Angelus inviting people and corporates, who want to do social work and to work on a particular project, to raise the fund and manage the volunteers in association with Angelus. Let's work together.

Become a subscriber

Angelus inviting people to invest in our projects with us to help the poor to get a livelihood. In return, Angelus will provide a promise bond and assured return of the investment with all terms and conditions.

Become a member

Angelus inviting people and corporates to work full time with us in our various campaigns and projects in pan India. Be an angel for the people who need help. Represent us in your state, District & City.

Our Partners & Supporters