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Two decades of collective impact through social and institutional giving

Angelus India has been India’s giving partner for the last two decades. We manage the entire social impact program life cycle to improve effective on-ground outcomes. We have enabled individuals and organizations to give more, securely and effectively, and provided support to impact lives.

Our belief in collaboration has ensured that we maximize giving, and helped us realize that we work better together and drive greater social impact.

We envision a future together that’s not just driven by a crisis, but driven by the need for the betterment of our society. Together we can make a real difference to millions of lives in need. We can create better programs, and shift focus from monitoring micro-activities and spends, to impact-driven, macro results.

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Angleus India and Covid-19 relief

The Covid-19 crisis had upended lives across the country. However, through the power of collaboration, we came together to bridge the gap during the pandemic, by providing countless medical supplies, economic support, and more.

It is our experience that helped us leverage the platform for collective philanthropy during the pandemic. WIth over 11 million Indians infected, our efforts along with our partners and corporates, have supported countless NGOs.

From ensuring last mile access to oxygen cylinders, setting up critical care units and isolation centres, to providing ration kits and cash relief with the help of our partners, our India COVID Response Fund (ICRF) is the largest giving collective created in India. Our agile, collective response to the Covid-19 crisis indicates that we are better, together

The Difference Made During the Pandemic

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Launching the Institutional Giving Practice

Driving Impact @ scale – Better, together

The energy, creativity, agility and leverage in philanthropic spending of different institutions that Angleus India helped channelize during Covid-19 is even more relevant going forward, as we focus on the SDG needs in India.
We are building on our capabilities to be an end to end partner for Institutional Giving – from strategy to design to mobilization to program management to impact assurance.
Strategic Framework
Cause Alignment

Identify & recommend projects that align with business priorities and core values as much as they serve a social need, effectively engaging all stakeholders

Creating Leverage

Build collectives, leveraging the strengths of diverse stake holders leading to more impactful programs that bring out sustained change

Impact Assurance

Effective legal & governance structure with monitoring processes in place to seamlessly collaborate with funders, program managers and NGO partners to drive higher social impact

Our Offerings

Our unique set of capabilities complement institutional givers to together drive better impact at scale


We help you design & plan your social initiatives better by curating the most suitable causes and collaborative partners


Our platforms allow you seamless mobilization of efforts ensuring regulatory transparency and easy monitoring of projects


We help you match co-funders and implementation partners better by leveraging our vast network

Impact Assurance

Our robust processes of due-diligence & expertise in project metrics development & monitoring mean assured impact for your initiatives


“Angleus India was thoughtful, focused and persevering in their efforts. They were one of the first ones in the pandemic to understand the challenges that we as society faced and mobilized enormous resources to support the people in need which helped in impacting lives significantly.”
Srinivas Sharma

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“When we reached out to Angleus India in the initial days of the pandemic in April- the response was so quick. We loved the agility and the passion with which the team works. We had very specific requirements for our project and Angleus India helped us turn strategy into action!.”
Vanshika Mehra
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