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With Our "Social Booster Program"

If you can’t donate, you can subscribe to help 2 families before get your money doubled.

Finances goes in animal husbandry projects and Help+.

A subscribing member can be the part of the investment by choosing a subscription plan. The subscription asks the member either to buy a livestock of particular kind or to pay a defined subscription fee for a unit of livestock for as much as unit he/she wants to buy. Then under a documented agreement in stamp paper with angelus, they hand over the animal to angelus for a certain period of time as mentioned in the agreement. They can visit and take details of their livestock throughout the tenure whenever they like as documented. At the end of the subscription, they get the promised return and also as a subscription member they contribute to the project that is destined for by supporting the program actively or passively. This is a pan India program, while the farms and the farmers belong to different parts of the country. The subscriber details and subscription and payment details are available on the Angelus India website after signing in to their respective areas while a detailed paper agreement bond dispatches to the member withing 4-10 working days through mail. The detail financial assessment and reports of the program is always available on Angelus website for public views to maintain transparency in the program.

  • The subscription can be availed through online or offline application duly filled up by the member.
  • The subscription period would be enabled for 5years only. A member cannot cancel his/her subscription before a lock up period of 3 years once subscribed.
  • Membership can only be cancelled after lock up period. After lock-up period the return of subscription would be 40% of the invested value on completion of 3 years, +20% on completion of 4th year, a total of 100% return along with 100% investment at the completion of 5th year (if not withdrawn).
  • If a member withdraws the return value after lock up period, then he/she would be getting a total of 140% of the invested value.
  • If a member withdraws the return regularly every year after lock up period, then he gets 20% of the value at 3rd, 4th and 5th year respectively with a return of 110% additional after completion of the tenure.
  • A member can only subscribe in units and additional processing fee may apply.
  • The member can avail membership exclusively through subscription under Angelus Society, New Delhi.
  • All legal disputes will be sorted under mutual understanding or jurisdiction under govt of India.
  • Payments made through online payment gateway on angelus website or bank transfer or UPI will be accepted for purchase of subscriptions.
  • Nomination can be added by the subscriber at the time of application or they must follow documented process to avail nomination.
  • This is a limited membership only for subscriptions only, this not a regular membership.
After Subscription You Get Web Login, Invoice, Bond, Subscription Detail.